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by Hannah Reese

I had the pleasure of meeting Jake Washburn during one of our first rental pick-ups for Spotlight Cinema Supply. We had been in business for only a short time when a truck full went out for a Reservation Dogs promo shoot, and Jake was the crewman to show up.

First impressions: Cool eyes. Peaceful. Easy to smile. Good people.

We enjoyed friendly banter where he tells us the inspiring story of him being cast in a scene with Matt Damon in the recent film “Stillwater”. I loved hearing that story, Jake! Can I have your autograph?

Jake is very involved in the local film scene; acting, PAing, producing, etc. Everyone seems to know him. The one time I ran into him at a OKMPA gathering, he was sporting a Spotlight Cinema Supply T-shirt. From then on, I knew Jake was one of the good ones.

You can currently find Jake working for “Oyiso: The Voices of the Cherokee Nation” as a Film & TV Production Specialist. As an actor he is repped by Tabb Agency out of Oklahoma and Movement in LA.

Get to know Jake Washburn:

1. Are you from Oklahoma? If yes, where? If no, when did

you move to Oklahoma?

"I’m originally from San Antonio but grew up in Tulsa. Moved when I was 4."

2. What's your favorite movie?

"Good Will Hunting."

3. How long have you been in the "film industry" and what is

your title on set?

"I’ve been working full time in film since 2017. My current title is Actor/Producer but I’ve proudly held many titles."

4. Where have you learned your skills?

"On the streets! I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by top notch people who have helped me out along the way."

5. What is your favorite on-set memory?

"While filming Death Alley we got to spend a lot of time on horses. Always a good day at work when you can mount up!"

6. What sets have you worked on? (Especially Oklahoma


"Bygone, Turkey Bowl, Reagan, Stillwater, Ari, Reservation Dogs, The Inhabitant, All Terrain, Seven Cemeteries, Concept X, Inage’i in the woods, Osiyo Voices of the Cherokee people."

7. Do you dream of taking on other roles in film? i.e., an actor

dreams of directing, a PA aspires to be producer, etc.

"I’m right where I want to be. All I have to do now is master my craft and keep pushing forward. I love my job and love the camaraderie of the Okie film community."

8. What do you think Oklahoma film needs to continue to be


"Keep doing what we are doing. I also feel that bigger roles and opportunities need to be available to locals for there to be any long term employment and advancement opportunities."

9. What's your favorite restaurant in Tulsa?

"Mr. Taco & InTheRaw"

10. What's your favorite show?

"Alone is always a good go to. People really surviving in the woods by themselves is pretty entertaining."

Instagram: _jake_washburn_

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